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1. How much each print costs ?

Cost of the print depends on a few factors -

- Rarity and asthetics of the image
- Type of the print - Limited edition or Open Edition
- Size of the print and type of the print (matted/unmatted/framed)

Approximate cost may vary from about 75 USD (unmatted, open edition 10x15") to about $400USD (INR 20,000.00) (unmatted, limited edition 20x30") Prices above excludes shipping.

Limited edition prints

Run length of each limited edition print is 21. I reserve the right to keep one each of limited edition prints for display at my own home. So essentially 20 prints are available for sale.

2. Why don't you accept online payments (using credit card/paypal etc.) ?

As of now I accept checks (aka cheques) or money transfers. In the near future I will consider accepting other modes of payment as well.

3. How can I ensure only 20 prints will ever be made and sold ?

Each print will be numbered and will be signed by me. Each limited edition print also comes with a certificate of authenticity. For each limited edition print sold, I keep clear records of to whom it was sold.

4. What is the return policy ?

If you are not satisfied with the print please send me back the print within one month of its receipt. I will refund entire amount that I received for the print.

5. What do you mean by a fine art print ?

What consititutes an art is a life time discussion, so is what constitutes a fine art print . Without getting into unending discussions whatever sold here as a fine art print has following characteristics.

1. A fine print made using an extreamly high quality image file.

2. The print is made using reputed acid free museum grade archival material (canvas or fine art matte papers) with very long life (doesn't fade).

3. Print has an artistic merit and personally I am proud to hang them on walls of my home.

6. What about quality of these prints ?

These days we see millions of images on web. It is important to note only a very few of them can be used make very high quality prints. At typical web resolution images of about 700 pixels width most of the image technically looks nice on screen. But similar size print needs about 4 times the resolution for a similar size seen on the display.

I make prints from very high resolution images (often full frame). I use professional equipements. My camera and lens line up includes Nikon F5 (earlier), Nikon D200, Nikon D300, Nikon D700 and lenses ranging from 12mm to 600mm f4 AF-S which includes couple of micro nikkor lenses (105mm f2.8 and 200mmf4). Almost all of the images are made using sturdy tripods (Gitzo 1500 or Gitz5540LS and Wimberley head or Arca-swiss B1 ball head) to extract as much quality as possible.

Technical aspect is just a part of the print quality. I often spend hours and days in field to just get that one pleasing unique image.

6. What printing method is used to make these prints ?

I use color calibrated work flow and use a professional quality large format photo printer which uses pigment inks and thus water proof. Manufacturer of these pigment inks claim light fastness beyond 200 years. NO GURANNTEE ON PRINTS CAN BE PROVIDED HOWEVER since life of a print depends heavily on environmental conditions in which it is displayed. Limited edition prints will be replaced if it fades for some reason for a nominal cost. I use museum grade print media. Unless you have a specific need I often use Breathing Color's ( archival quality canvas or Hannemuhle's ( professional photo rags and canvases.

About 1/2" of space is left for matting on all four sides. If you have a specific requirement I will be glad to take care of it .

7. What do you mean by "Print sizes up to 24x36 inches" ?

I offer prints in 4 different sizes - 10x15", 12x18", 16x24" and 24x36".

8. Why not all images are available in sizes upto 24x36" ?

I make prints from extreamly high quality images at 300dpi. When in doubt I settle down for one size lower than making a larger sub optimal prints.

9. How many days will it take to get prints shipped ?

Turn around time from order to shipping may take upto 3 business days.

10. I would like to buy a print of an image in one of the galleres but it is not listed in fine art print gallery ?

Not all images are available as print. It takes some time for me to experiment amd try the print on different paper/canvas combination to find the optimal match and prepare the image. The reason for an image being not shown is mostly due to the fact that I have not found time to experiment and prepare the image for the print. Please let me know your choice, I will get back to you shortly. Slowly I will add more and more images to the print gallery

If you have a question not answered here please contact me at

Thanks for your interest !

- Ganesh H Shankar.

Copyright © 2002 Ganesh H. Shankar - All rights reserved.