Wild scapes from Velavadar and Greater Runn of Kutch (GRK)

Dec 2011

Copyright © 1993-2011 Ganesh H. Shankar

The long awaited trip to Velvadhar Blackbuck Sanctuary and Greater Runn of Kutch (GRK) in Gujarat, India is finally over. We spent 5 days at Velavadar and then 6 days at GRK. We also spent a day at Khadir island in GRK to make some images of Flamingos. It is an amazing place and one would need a month to do some justice to that place in terms of photography.

While every place offered lots of opportunities making images was very tough. Root cause of the problem is my desire to create new visuals. While the places I visited offered opportunities to photograph different bird/mammal species between a non-ideal image of a wolf and a unique image of a cattle egret I happily settled down for the latter.

Here are a few images from the trip I processed so far which gave me some satisfaction. If you see cropped head, cut beaks, cut wings, cut body, unfocussed subjects etc you can safely assume they all are done by careful design :) More importantly, these are not after thoughts or photoshop tricks. My focus is not documentation but art and creativity.

Hope you will enjoy some of them. I may add more images in coming days..

Kadhir Scape

Impressions of Khadir

Flamingo Line

Ripples and Bird

Common Cranes

Flamingos at Khadir

Trees and Birds

Vocal Silence

Landscape Photographer - Self Portrait


Flamingo Abstract


Entry and Exit

Dive - I

Dive - II

Mood of the Grassland

Mother and young ones

Wait - Cattle Egrets and Grass cutter

Patterns - Crested Crebes


Contours of Reeds

Take Off







The End