Fine Art and Creative Nature Photography by Ganesh H Shankar
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How did I process this image ? My digital ethics

UA/DE/DM indicates kind of post processing done on the image.

Un-Altered Image (UA) : No editing but for cropping, re-sizing, curves/levels, sharpen/blur, color corrections to bring it closer to what we saw - which need not be literal seeing.

Black and White (Monotones) Processing

Please note in case of black and white images and monotones selective dodging, burning and toning might have been done along with selective sharpening/blurring on the image for artistic reasons. Burning and dodging is an accepted process for B&W photography from ages. In traditional wet room B&W white printing dodging, burning and toning are part of the development process. Artistic imagery is the intent of my B&W images and not natural history. You may read my article on Art and Natural History - Ethical Conflicts

Digitally Enhanced Image (DE) : UA as above plus dodging and burning in case of color images.

Digitally Modified image (DM) : DE as above plus digital additions and/or deletions from the image.

For more information about my digital post processing ethics you may read this article.

- Ganesh H. Shankar

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