Bird Photography at Mangalajodi, Odisha, India

Dec 2017

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Recently I had an opportunity to visit the beautiful bird sanctuary, Mangalajodi, in Odisha (Orissa) in India. Bharatpur in India is my favourite place for bird photography. I have found one more now, thanks to my friends. The birding area here is village community owned, run by hunters turned conservators of the village Mangalajodi under Tangi in Khordha district of Odisha (Orissa). On board your gently sailing boat you will be silently staring at infinity. Once in a while a flock of thousand godwits will take off, a sight to watch for sure. If you are fascinated by portrait photography of birds you can make some frame filling images of godwits, egrets, warblers, terns, kingfishers to name a few. If you are determined, we may wait for an hour or two till the purple heron catches a snake! Alternatively, while silently sailing, you may ponder about Nature and youself, forgetting everything else in life!

Here are a few images I made at Mangalajodi.

Fishing Boat and a Fisherman

An Egret

Move On...

And it did not eat it later, God knows why!

Swallos' World

Mangalajodi - Birds and Boats

Mangalajodi - Birds

A Fishing Moment

Art of Flight

Turns of Terns

White on White

Decending Godwits

Ducks in Flight

An Egret and Egrets

Birds in Flight - Journey to Infinity

I hope you have enjoyed seeing some of these images.

Thank you!

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