Life and Death - A Few Abstracts

March 2012

Copyright © 1993-2012 Ganesh H. Shankar

Last Friday night I just packed my camera bag for next morning's photo shoot at TG Halli near Bangalore. Midnight I got a news of my uncle's demise. I shared a special relation with my uncle who was a nice gentleman. During my school holidays I used to visit his house often which is situated in a jungle. Went back to bed but could not sleep. Lots of old memories, relationship I shared with him and more importantly lots of thoughts about death started crossing my mind. This is the source of some of these abstracts below, made/processed during last ten days.

While working on these I spent some time trying to understand the relation between color, definition, light and how they could be mixed to control the mood I wanted to portray. I am not totally happy with the images here. One of the challenge for me is how explicit an abstraction should be to keep it interesting ! Keeing it too open will make it difficult to relate, making it very explicit (for example showing a dead life form) will be uninteresting too. I tried to strike a balance here. Hopefully I will add/replace more images in future. In most of these (5 out of 8 made after last Friday) I started with a meaning (not post fitting a meaning after the image is made) and I puposefully did not add titles to these images. Hope these will evoke some thoughts related to the cycle of life and death. Any critical comment will be useful.

Punarapi jananam punarapi maraNam
Punarapi janane jaTare shayanam...

Would appreciate any critical feedback.. Thank you..