Nov 2016

Copyright © 1993- Ganesh H. Shankar

The mother of this little boy is an unfortunate one. His mother's only purpose in life is to ferry "nature lovers" like us inside a jungle from place to place in search of a tiger and other animals like herself. The cute little boy religiously follows his mother in the jungle wherever she is asked to go. He does not know why his mother has to ferry people painfully everyday on her back, so does his mother. Back home both the mother and the little boy are tightly secured by thick chains around their front and back legs. The little boy hates those thick chains around his legs. Once in a while he tries to free himself but in vain. The mother has accepted it a few decades ago. She does not remember when she has resisted it last. The mechanical and painful life goes on for ever for the mother and her little son but the little son has not stopped dreaming, yet.

A Portrait in Our World

My Mother

The Chain

Pains of a Pleasure

Dreams Of The Freedom


Miles to Go..

Woods are lovely dark and deep
But I have promises to keep
And miles to before I sleep
And miles to before I sleep
- R. Frost

Yes, woods are lovely but the future appears dark and deep. Will there be a light, ever?

Is freedom a fundamental right of only us? Living freely and leading a natural life in the jungle is a distant dream for this family and for several such families in our jungles.

Dear nature lovers, we have a promise to keep and miles to go before we sleep.