Flying Lizards (Draco dussumieri) - Art of Remaining Cryptic

April 2012

Copyright © 1993-2012 Ganesh H. Shankar

I have been photographing the Flying lizards (Draco dussumieri) for several years now - very fascinating little lizards found in Western Ghats region and adjoining plantations which flies from a tree to another mostly in search of ants to feed on. What fascinates me most is its cryptic presence in its habitat. It is very difficult to spot them when it is on the bark of a tree since it camouflages extremely well. During a recent photographic outing I made lots of images with this theme - its cryptic presence. Intent behind these images below are not to portray its natural history. You may read upcoming issue (May-Jun 2012) of Saevus Magazine to know its interesting natural history.

The intent behind these images below is artistic treatment of its context. Every image below contains a draco (yes, you will realize that some of the images below needs that assurance). Several images are variations of silhouettes. That is how one may find them as extended bark of a tree. In these creations I tried use its cryptic presence, light, colors, forms/shape, structure/definition and attempted at some artistic expressions of its context. Context around the draco plays a key role in these compositions as much as the draco itself (if not more). It was both pleasure and pain (especially dracos in flight) making some of these images. A very satisfying experience indeed at the end. Without further ado here goes some of the images.

Flying Lizard (Draco dussumieri) - May its tribe increase...