Birds in Flight

13 Apr 2020

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Parakeets in Flight

Thanks to Covid-19 many of us can't go out to do any photography. However, during last three weeks every evening I have been photographing a few parakeets and kites from the terrace of my home. During last few years I have been slowly moving away from portraying so called "creativity"/"art"/"emotions"/"feelings"/"moments"/"natural history" etc in my images. Not that such portrayals cease to be interesting but that I found something more meaningful, enjoying the mystery of the nature through my images. That said, in a restricted situation like this with limited/no access to the world around us it is easier to slip into the old habits. Here goes some unconventional images of birds in flight made from terrace of my house during last few weeks. I hope to add more.

A short note on this series.

I think "reality" is a limitation imposed by Nature on human perception of the natural world - both philosophically and scientifically. Flight comes in various forms and shapes. We see only some and we don't, many. Only God knows how many frames per second a snail's brain can process. My art may be a snail's reality!

I made these images using my medium format Phase One XF paired with 101 MP Trichromatic digital back using Schneider-Kreuznach 240mm lens. The set up is mounted on a sturdy Gitzo tripod with Sachtler FSB-8 fluid head for smoother panning movements. I hope to turn some of these into fine art prints, thanks to high resolution files, beautiful smoother tones and depth. What you see here are much lower resolution jpg files. The original 16 bit raw files have amazing attributes which I hope will enable very high quality prints on chosen fine art media.

Birds in the Sky

Birds in Flight - A Snail's Perspective

Art of Flight

Here is an interesting observation about this B&W image above. The shutter speed I chose was 0.3 seconds. In each bird's flight pattern you see wing tips registered three times. This means the birds were flapping their wings approximately once every 111 milliseconds!

Performing Parakeets

Future Flight

Don't miss to notice the trails which are ahead of the birds in the above image!!

Birds and Clouds

Birds in the Sky

Dancing Parakeets

Thats it for now!

Stay home, stay safe!!

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