Philautus Neelanethrus | Beautiful Frog in Black and White  | Fine Art | Creative & Artistic Nature Photography | Copyright © 1993-2017 Ganesh H. Shankar


Philautus Neelanethrus | Beautiful Frog in Black and White

Copyright © 1993-2017 Ganesh H. Shankar

Image ID : MACROS_neelanethrus_bw

Description : This image is dedicated to Dr Gururaja KV who along with
others found this new species in deep jungles of Katthalekana in 2007, without
whos help I would not have made this image. It has been for some time I wanted
to understands a bit of black and white photography. I have always been puzzled
- what characteristics of a subject makes it best suited for black and white
photography. Recently I have spent some time trying to understand some science
part of it. Looks like I am getting some clues but long way to go however. Here
in this image I wanted to emphasize the origin of its name - beautiful blue
ring around its eyes - 'Neela' means blue in Sanskrit, and 'Nethra' means eye.

Keywords : Frog | Philautus Neelanethrus | Beautiful Frog with Blue ring around eyes, Katthalekana Jungles in Western Ghats, India, Miristica Swamps, DR Gururaja KV, night photography, Endangered (EN), IUCN, Conservation
Fine Art Nature Photography, Creative, Artistic


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