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Cicada - Backlit

Copyright © 1993-2017 Ganesh H. Shankar

Image ID : MACROS_cricket_backlit_ex1

Description : Cicada is more heard than seen in our jungles. It is there
every where in our jungles but takes some patience to find one. I must have
spent an hour to get what I wanted. Thank God it stayed. Macro photography
often needs lots of patience to get precise results. I might have made about
50+ images to get up to this one. This is not made using torch light, I used an
off shoe flash with a soft bouncer to precicely control the light output I
wanted. One of the issue with torch light is not enough spread which may create
some artificial lighting effect for subject during the day unless we don't
carefully control the influence of ambient light.

Keywords : Cicada fly insect sound jungle backlight beautiful nice macro , Western Ghats, Sahyadri, India
Fine Art Nature Photography, Creative, Artistic


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