An egret take off | Fine Art | Creative & Artistic Nature Photography | Copyright © 1993-2017 Ganesh H. Shankar

B&W Processing          

An egret take off

Copyright © 1993-2017 Ganesh H. Shankar

Image ID : AVIAN_egret_take_off_wide

Description : Made this image of an egret ready to take off at TG Halli
near Bangalore. Got this perspective using a wide angle at close range using an
infrared camera trigger. Normally I do manual metering often using an external
light meter for exposure accuracy when my eyes are behind the view finder. I
switch to auto exposure modes when I use remote triggers. Though I dialled in
about -0.7stop compensation egret ended up getting over exposed. It is
difficult to handle over exposed whites in color than in B&W so converted it
into B&W.

Keywords : artistic creative egret take off, B&W
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