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Abstraction and Reality

Copyright © 1993-2017 Ganesh H. Shankar

Image ID : AVIAN_common_kf_art_bw_web

Description : I made this image just for the abstract looking background.
I think in such images it may be important to create a balance between the so
called main subject (kingfisher in this case) and the background itself.
Features like sharpness, contrast,color and such elements which pulls our eyes
over it may need to be delicately balanced to control the movement of our eyes
over the image. In this case for example I had to carefully control the amount
of sharpness (for my taste buds of course) - sharper eyes of kingfisher would
tilt the eyes more towards kingfisher and there by de-emphasizing the
background itself. Isn't it amazing how how our visual system is designed ?

Keywords : Art, Common Kingfisher, Black and White, Abstract Background, Artistic, Gudavi Bird Sanctuary, India
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